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3 Ways You Can Follow to Become a CEO Before You Reach 30

For most young people, success can be attained by climbing up the corporate ladder. Most people are comfortable following this path because it’s safe and there’s almost zero risk of failing. It’s very traditional and it will take decades before a person who is 25 years old now can become a CEO. But for the 1% of the younger human population, such as the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elisabeth Homes, becoming CEO before your 30th birthday is possible. Thats a record speed but if 1% of the young population can do it, so can anybody else. There are secret ways that not only Zuckerberg and Holmes have mastered. Here are ways you must do if you want to become CEO before your 30th birthday.Zuckerberg

1. According to Danny Waters, CEO of Enterprise Finance at the age of 25, the key to becoming very successful while you’re young is finding an industry where colleagues will respect you for what you do. Otherwise, success would be very difficult to attain. He also added that you should not lose sight of who you are and that you must enjoy what you’re doing. Danny Waters

2. According to Jonathan Samuels, CEO of Dragonfly Poperty Finance at the age of 28, take risks while you’re young because you have so much less to lose than when you take risks when your older. Go take bigger risks because it’s where you’ll find the bigger rewards.Jonathan Samuels

3. Still according to Samuels, asserting authority over older colleagues can be difficult but absolutely necessary. To assert authority you must prove your worth.

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