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4 ways to ensure your email list remains active

Automated emails are good for marketing because they save time. But they should be used carefully.
There is nothing as dangerous to a business as being over-aggressive with email marketing. Many customers hate receiving one email after the other promoting the same product or products from the same company.

Bombarding them with emails may end up depleting your email list than help build it. If you see unsubscribe rate shooting through the roof, you better check how you use the automated email marketing software.

To be safe, keep track of the frequency of your messages and utilize this tracking to see how your customers are responding.

The following tips can help your maintain a reasonable stream of messages;

Track all activity
Keep track of the overall engagement with the customer. Email marketing platforms and software provide a means of tracking this. You can use them to find out whether your customers or subscribers are interested in what you are sending them, and also whether they are just opening the emails but are not clicking on your call-to-action buttons.

This data is very necessary as it will help you decide whether you need to tweak your messages or the subject lines to make them more appealing to read and also to make them more persuasive so as to make customers click on the call-to-action buttons.

The email delivery time and frequency also matter a lot. Find out the particular time individual customers are more willing to read and probably respond to you email, then send the message at that time. You may realize that some customers tend to ignore emails send very early in the morning or late in the night or even at day time.

Frequency refers to the number of emails you send per day, per week or per month. You may have a good message and a good subject line, but if you send it more frequently to a customer it may fill his/her inbox and this may lead him/her to unsubscribe from you list.

Segment your list based on activity
Most email marketing software will allow you how a particular customer is responsive towards your emails. Such kind of information can help you to group your subscribers.

After grouping them, you can market to each group separately. The group composing of those who open and read all your emails will be most suitable for aggressive marketing as opposed to the group that ignores some emails.

Keep building your list
You should never stop building your list. Keep adding to your list and use different forms of online marketing to build the list. SEO, paid search marketing and social media marketing can all be used to drive traffic to your landing page.

Test your emailing frequency
Not all subscribers will respond in a similar manner to your emails. It is upon you to test the emailing frequency that suits a particular customer.
Test the customers at different frequencies and see how they respond, fine tune this data until you get the best frequency. You may lose some customers in the beginning but those who remain will be crucial for your long term success.

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