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5 Best Advice From Frugal Millionaires

There are wealthy people you see on TV and online showcasing their luxurious lifestyle. But there are also wealthy people who live a low-key lifestyle. These frugal millionaires often times have more money than those who flaunt their wealth.

Here are some of the best advices from these wealthy, frugal people:

  1. Gilbert Gottfried. This actor and comedian are so frugal that he would love it if his lunch is paid by someone else.14 1
  2. Shailene Woodley. This actress is so frugal that she made the headlines for not buying new clothes. She only buys new dresses if she needs to walk the red-carpet. But most of the time these dresses are just donated by the designers.14 2
  3. Derek Sivers. The CD baby founder sold his company for millions of dollars, but he still never spends too much. He refuses to use credit card or loans at any level.14 3
  4. Dan Nainan. This comedian never understands the essence of overspending no matter how much money you got. Saving is very important for him.  14 4
  5. Matthew Tuttle. He is not a fan of budgeting and following disciplines that a certain person can’t follow. He suggests saving as much as you can and never going into debt no matter what.14 5

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