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5 tips on how to boost your sales

It is the volume of sales that drives your business. The competition that is in business requires you to be smart so that you can attract new customers and retain your existing customers.

Here we present to you 5 tips that you can use to boost your sales. The tips will work for any business.They are effective for both online and offline marketing and will not cost you anything to implement.

1.Promote one thing at a time:
By promoting one item or service at a time, you make it easier for the prospective buyer to make a decision. If the buyer has more than one option, he/she may decide not to buy and you will end up losing.

Develop separate promotions for each item or service that you offer or combine several items or services into one package for a single price. The secret here is to make your prospective customer’s choice to be as simple as possible.

2.Lead with your strongest selling appeal:
Identify your strongest selling appeal and use it to attract prospects to your promotional message. You can make it to be the first sentence on your sales letters and also include it at the top of your web page. When you have audio or video presentations or promotions, make it to be the opening remark. Leading with your strongest appeal will capture your prospect’s attention and provide a compelling reason for them to continue reading or listening to the message.

3.Understand your prospect’s lifestyle:
Try to concentrate on the consumers’ needs. Many people will buy from you when they feel you are talking directly to their individual needs. Customize versions of your sales message to serve specific interests of prospects in each market you target. Use the language and style that makes you connect easily with your prospects.

This might sound challenging if you are promoting through a web page. But what you can do is to create special web pages for prospects in each market you target then customise the content for each to appeal to them. You can then add links to your home page to direct the prospects to these special pages.

4.Don’t be vague:
Do not be vague in describing your products or services. Do not just say it is easy, fast or inexpensive. Try to explain how easy, how fast and how inexpensive it is; doing this will generate more sales.

You also need not give general statements about your products or services. For example, a statement like “If you buy our product in bulk, we will give you some discount” is very general and vague. Instead you can specify the quantity that qualifies for discount and what percentage discount you are offering. This will encourage the prospects to buy the quantity that qualifies for discount.

5.Dramatize feelings:
This is quite psychological. Many customers usually buy on impulse and not logic. Their buying decisions are based on how they feel about your product or service. Try to update your ads, sales letters and web pages to dramatize the rewards they will experience when using your products or services.

You can also use pictures to help them imagine how it will benefit them to use your products or services.

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