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5 ways your summer vacation can benefit your business

Summer is here and what most people think about are the warm weather, grilling and vacation.

Fresh entrepreneurs misunderstand the value of vacation. They think it is a time to get away and unplug not realizing that it might be the best time to make important business deals.

As an entrepreneur who is concerned about his/her business, here is how you should spend your vacation;

This is the perfect time to reach out and network with people. Remember other entrepreneurs, business executives, business owners, CEOs etc have also taken their time off too. So don’t waste your vacation, get out there with an aim of making new connections with those who matter to your business.

You might be surprised that while traveling, the perfect opportunity is sitting right next to you on the plane. Make good use those opportunities to find new ways of doing business.

Reflect on your business:
Vacation is the best time for you to sit back and reflect on what is best for your business. Ask yourself about what is good for you and your business, your own goals and life, and how do those thing match to that of the business.

Vacation is the time when you are not being interrupted with e-mails, phone calls or people walking up to your desk. It is therefore the right time for you to think about ways to get ahead, the best ways to utilize your team and your resources.

Freshen up:
Steven Covey spoke about the seven habits of highly successful people. He mentioned the importance of having balance in one’s life that extends to one’s own family. It is important that you spend sometime with your family.

Entrepreneurs love to work, but getting in touch with your family means a lot. It is the time that you freshen up and recharge your batteries to drive you to do greater things than even what you were doing before.

By going on a vacation, you may find that the “problems” you were experiencing would go away too. The problems that you thought were detrimental suddenly turn out to be no problems at all.

This is not to encourage you to run away from problems, but to make you understand that by stepping back and enjoying vacation, you will most likely discover that what you considered as problems were not problems at all. Obviously, if it a real issue, you will get it when you go back to the office. But there are certain simple issues that will naturally melt away with your vacation.

Businesses run themselves:
Lee Iacocca, the former chairman of Chrysler once said that if there is a business manager, owner or executive who can’t step away from his or her business and let it run itself, he or she doesn’t have much of a business.

This is a very powerful lesson for every single entrepreneur. At times you need to step aside and let things move.

If you are an employer, you need to realize that even your employees need not see your face everyday. You will notice this once you come from your holiday, they will also feel rejuvenated by your absence.

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