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7 Books That Influenced The World’s Top Business Leaders

They say a man’s library can tell the kind of person that he is.

Some of the world’s leading businessmen like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet have a rich library of books.

Not only business books can make people wealthy. Books on ethics, morality, and time management are also fundamental.

Here are some of the best books and the business leaders they influenced:

  1. The Design of Everyday Things. Current Yahoo! President and CEO, Marissa Ann Mayer is greatly inspired by Donald Norman’s book, especially on the efficiency of design.the design of everyday things
  2. The Intelligent Investor. Benjamin Graham’s book greatly influenced Warren Buffet. The American business magnate said the book is the foundation of his investment activities for the past 60 years.The intelligent investor
  3. The Power of Positive Thinking. Norman Vincent Peale’s book on positive thinking greatly inspired Donald Trump, who said that challenges are common among entrepreneurs and they need to be resilience and relentless to succeed. This book can give them those values.the power of positive thinking
  4. Business Adventure. Warren Buffet gave Tech mogul Bill Gates John Brooks’s business book in 1991. It remains Gates’ favourite business adventure
  5. The Checklist Manifesto. Twitter founder jack Dorsey is greatly influenced by Atul Gawande’s wisdom. An entrepreneur should make ideas into realities.the checklist manifesto
  6. Conscious Business. American technology executive Sheryl Sandberg said Fred Kofman’s book had a profound on her career.conscious_business
  7. Competing Against Time. Apple CEO Tim Cook is greatly influenced by the philosophies of this book, which reads that time is equivalent to money.competing against time

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