Attain Your Life Goals Using These 7 Small Money Moves

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Last Updated: Apr 2, 2016

Most people have great financial dreams but unfortunately most of them never come to a reality. This failure is majorly contributed by poor money moves that we make. The most amazing thing is that there is nothing impossible; what you do as you work towards a goal is what determines your final destination. Every person would like to meet all the life bills and be left debt free. The challenge is in getting to where they want to be. Only some smart moves towards the goal is what you certainly need. The following tips can help you attain your financial dreams:

1. Budget Your Money

Budgeting is all about planning how to spend the money. In other words, making smart decisions on how you will allocate the money. When you have a clear knowledge of how you spend your money and can account for each coin, then you are on the right track. Allocate you money to the various basic requirements in your life and don’t forget the savings. The automatic bank savings where the bank automatically places the set amount to the savings account is among the best ways of saving. You will never see the money hence, the temptation of using it is very low.

2. Avoid Debts

Avoid Debts

Debts aren’t bad in emergencies but are great in dragging your goal achievement behind. Always learn to remain debt free unless very necessary. Start by clearing the debts that have the highest interest such as the credit cards followed by house mortgages, car loans and finally the student fees. Once you are done with your debts, allocate money from to recurring needs like the student fee and have emergency savings to avoid getting into bad debts. This will prevent the situations where you have to obtain money from the external sources. You better owe yourself than another person.

3. Save Early

People always think that saving is putting aside the extra money for the future. A part of this assumption is true but the reality is that there is never extra money unless you sacrifice something. Therefore, the perfect definition of saving is sacrificing some amount of money for the future. If there was extra money, then some millionaires like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and mark Zuckeberg would have stopped working. The reality is, as you raise above financially the living standard also goes hand in hand. Start saving right now regardless of your financial status. Saving as much as you can is what you need. In the earlier tips, saving has also been mentioned and hence should ring a bell on how important it is.

4. Learn To Negotiate

Learn To Negotiate

Every business person is after making more money. Apparently, most of the buyers have been made part of their profit plans. This is because most of them increase the price of the goods abnormally for the buyers who don’t care to negotiate. It is time to stop being other people’s simple milestones to success and start negotiating. Negotiate everything before buying to a point where the seller is willing to take back their product instead of coming any lower. This will ensure you obtain things at their required prices and definitely not at higher price than anyone else. In addition, it will help you increase your savings account.

5. Set Small Specific Milestones

This emphasizes on being realistic while setting the financial goals. Well, it is good to dream big but reality must be incorporated to make the dream achievable. There is no way you can be a billionaire in a year while currently swimming in thousands. Achieving small milestones within the specified time-frame is the way to go. Jordin Sparks, a famous musician in her song ‘one step at a time’, emphasizes on doing one thing at a time in order to achieve a greater end.

6. Always Make Money

Always Make Money

We have different career fields but for survival, most people have to narrow themselves to the business point of view even if business isn’t the main field. Most business people are often after making more money by making their business more profitable. Always work towards making money regardless of your career field. Never get satisfied by the monthly salary.

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7. Keep Your Savings Out Of Reach

The major challenge that people experiencing while saving is the unnecessary emergencies. Keeping your savings as close to you is like basically killing your financial dream. You will never find other ways of finding the money to cover an emergency while the savings are at your disposal. Find a way of locking your savings such that you are denied easy access.


Every dream is achievable; the steps you take as you work towards it are the main determinants. The above elaborated financial steps are what you need to achieve your life goals. No one needs to be a loser as long as financial issues are addressed the right way.

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