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7 Ways to Know If Your Job Is Just a Big Mistake

Sometimes you feel like your job is eating you up. You may think there is something wrong with you. But maybe, you job simply doesn’t fit you.

Here is how to know if your job is a bad fit:

  1. You feel lost. When you have a task or a project and you feel unprepared, then something is off.You feel lost
  2. Your potentials are not utilized. When your passion and your talents are untapped, you will easily be discouraged later on. If your weaknesses are in the spotlight, then you must talk to your boss about it.
  3. No development. It is your responsibility to complete every task and work under your job description. But if your job is becoming too monotonic and challenges are absent, then you should start to think about it. Your workplace must encourage you to develop both professionally and personally.No development
  4. Disconnected. If you don’t feel one with the team or the entire organization, think about making new changes.
  5. You are not motivated to complete your task. If you just can’t seem to complete any task, you don’t feel motivated, and you keep staring at a blank screen, then it is time for some re-evaluation.
  6. Just getting by. You go to work and do your job, just for the sake of finishing them. This is a horrible predicament that you should quickly get away from.Just getting by
  7. Blame game. When you start blaming others, it means you are receding as a person. It is better that you act, come up with a plan, and take control of your future.

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