8 Excellent Money-Making Ideas You Can Pursue Right Now

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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2017

Regardless of your current location, there is one reality that holds truth in almost any case: the cost of living is becoming increasingly high each year and people are left finding alternative methods of generating enough income to support a decent lifestyle.The good news is that even in this tough economy there are certain ways through which regular individuals can sustain themselves and, in some cases, if they’re truly successful, they can even achieve financial acclaim.

Even though a struggling economy and a tough job market are difficult things to adjust to, it does help bring out your ingenious side and forces you to step out of your comfort zone by trying your hand at things you might not have considered before.

Keeping all this in mind, we’ve decided to offer you a helping hand and compiled a list of the eight greatest money-making ideas you can try out this year. Keep on reading to find out exactly how you can increase your income by putting your skills to the test.

1. Freelance

There’s nothing quite like a side gig to help you increase your finances and the good thing about the freelance world is that it basically gives you the choice to work in whatever area you’re good at and use your expertise to your advantage. You can start right now by creating a profile on specialized platforms such as Upwork or Guru and apply for the job that you’re most suitable for.

2. Start Your Own Website

While freelancing is great in generating extra money, it still involves working for other people. Starting your own website, on the other hand, allows you the freedom to post your own content and decide what you want to be targeting. If you’re new at this and don’t really have the necessary resources to hire a web designer, you should know that there are currently platforms such as WordPress that can help you build your own site in just a few easy steps. For more information on this topic, read this article that explains the entire process in detail.

3. Go for a Test Drive with a Brand New Website

You may not know this, but there are certain companies that pay regular people to test drive their websites. The point is to check that every single link works and give your overall opinion on its usability. While it does not pay very much (generally around $10 for 20 minutes of work), it does help make ends meet and doesn’t require much effort on your part.

Sell Your Photos

4. Sell Your Photos

If you’re passionate about photography and have decent skills in this area, you might consider exploiting this talent by allowing the general public to use your photos for a certain price. Shutterstock and iStockphoto, for instance, allow users to upload amateur shots and can pay you a certain amount of money each time your picture is downloaded.

5. Have a Yard Sale

If you’ve stored up a lot of items that are still in good condition, but you just don’t have the use for them anymore, you might consider putting together a yard sale. Nowadays, this doesn’t necessarily have to involve exposing your possessions in front of your house, for the entire neighborhood to see. On the contrary – if you want to attract a wider audience and make sure your items get sold at the best possible price, then the internet is the best place to go for this. Craigslist, for instance, is one of the best platforms to use in this case, since it’s currently being accessed by over 40 million people, all interested in buying or selling certain objects.

6. Rent Your House

Ever saw that romantic comedy The Holiday, where Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet’s characters swapped houses during the holiday season and each set off on a temporary adventure in the other person’s world? Well, while house exchange does not involve any monetary compensation, it does build the premise for this next idea we’re about to present. If you’re not very particular about who walks into your house and care to make some extra money while you’re away on vacation, how about renting your house for a few weeks? Airbnb is an excellent way in which you can take advantage of this, by connecting you with people who are interested in booking a stay in your area.

7. Kindle Worlds

If you’re crazy about storytelling and you have a particular book or TV show that you just can’t put aside, then Kindle Worlds might be just the right fit for you. For a while now, Amazon has partnered up with a few popular franchises, allowing fans to submit fictional stories based on their favorite shows. If you’re truly passionate about writing and you feel like you could give it a go, you should know that if your submission is accepted, Amazon will pay you up to 30% royalty for every story sold.Not too bad for a passion project, right?

Affiliate Marketing

8. Affiliate Marketing

If you have some time on your hands and a strong online identity, you might consider Affiliate Marketing as a solution to your problems. If you have a blog set up, you can make additional money by advertising certain products or services. This can mean anything from including promotional banners to writing full scale advertorials that grab the attention of your readers and determine them to click on the link that you are trying to promote. What you basically have to do is sign up to an affiliate network, research their merchant listings that you think your audience would best appreciate and then share that affiliate link on your website.

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