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Achieving customer satisfaction on a small budget

People will forget what you did and what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. This statement is true in business as it is in life. World-class service will make a company be remembered in a crowded market place.

Unfortunately, many small business owners believe they can not deliver quality service because of their small budget.

It is true, quality customer service may need some good amount of cash, but if you are start up and you have the right mindset, you can still deliver a wonderful service that will make customers remember you.

Here are ways in which you can provide outstanding service on a start up budget:

Make customer satisfaction your top priority
This may sound obvious, but if you want to deliver excellent service you need to put your customers on a pedestal. Pick metrics that you believe you can use to measure customer satisfaction and display them at a public place. Let your employees or your team know that they are most important metrics in your company and that it is their responsibility to ensure that they are maintained or exceeded.
The metrics can include percentage of customers who make repeat purchases, net promoter score, churn rate, etc.

Be a good listener
Listening here does no only apply to face-to-face talk or phone conversation. It encompasses all the feedback you get from the customers from the social media, emails, live chat, snail mail, etc.

The data you obtain from the feedback can be quite invaluable for you company if properly organized.
They provide insights that can inform your marketing, product and service. If you take the feed back seriously and respond to them appropriately, you will earn more respect and brand loyalty than businesses that don’t do the same.

Listening and giving appropriate response does not require much cash, it is something you can do even in a small budget.

Embrace technology
Technology will help you connect with you customers faster than your competitors. While you will be lacking in size and resources, you can compensate this with speed and dexterousness. Because of your small size, you will be able to respond to individual customers and address their issues as they arise. This is a privilege that large companies can not enjoy.

Put a human face on your brand and train your employees to take a patient, helpful and conversational tone. Let them understand that speaking rudely is worse than not speaking at all.

Be very careful while using the social medial. Some posts might not require your engagement as they may lead to arguments and accusations that may not be healthy for your business; you can choose to ignore such posts, especially those that are provocative.

Take advantage of live chat since many large companies either do it poorly or never do it at all. And doing this is not expensive at all.

Social media will give you an opportunity to tell the story of your startup story in a personable and in a conversational way. It also provides a forum that you can use to answer customers’ questions very fast.

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