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As an entrepreneur you can borrow a leaf from Stephen King

Stephen King is a successful author who has sold over 350 million copies of his publications in addition to numerous television and film adaptations.

He writes novels, short stories, screenplays, poems essays, comics, etc. he knows what he is doing and there’s a lot entrepreneurs can learn from him.

Here are three pieces of advice that can be of much help to you:

Be prepared for self-doubt before you can pick up :
Self-doubt is very common when you are to begin your writing career; even King himself encountered this problem.

When you hit the terrain you get a lot of frustrations including rejection slips, low payments, etc. But this is a common problem to all budding writers. So what you need to do is to keep your eye on your goal.

Self-doubt arises because you are embarking on a journey you have no experience about. Put in King’s own words, writing a long work of fiction is a difficult, lonely job. It is like crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a bathtub.

But what is King’s advice on self-doubt? During the creation time, keep naysayers at bay. Give your start-up its roots, before you can involve other people.

In the initial stages, turn a deaf ear to critics until you craft the business that is true to your vision first. After that, you can open the door to positive criticism so you can get an outside perspective.

Exposing your idea to so many people in the early stages of you business development it can be gutted before it even has legs. Not everybody is an expert in business and if you allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to advise you, the idea will never materialize.

Be courageous:
You may have a general idea of a business but the finer details may not be clear in the initial stages. Issues like how it will work, whom it will serve, the competitors, branding and messaging will not immediately be spot-on.

Have the courage to talk with investors and to investigate the competition and the target group. In the process, you may find an idea that can actually make you change your mind on the original idea or that can make you improve on it.

What is King’s advice on this? King had a similar problem with his novels, ha said that the author’s original perception of a character or characters may change along the way as the novel develops.

Keep going no matter what:
Momentum is the key to start-up success. This is also true for writing. King encourages disciplined writing, engaging in the art everyday rather than only when you feel inspired. You job is to write; do it even if you don’t feel like.

Smart entrepreneurs know that hard work pays. You need to force yourself to do something if you want positive results. It is not good to stop a piece of work either because it is hard or for any other reason is a bad idea.

No work is easy, all that is required is self-determination to succeed.

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