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Attract new customers with a friendly ‘online greeting’

Up to 56 percent of marketers use various technologies to fend off competition, and the social media is their best bet.

This is because they have realized that 91 percent of online adults use social media regularly.
Studies have also found that 77 percent of B2C and 43 percent of B2B enterprises acquired a customer through social media in the past 12 months.

Social media is about being brief and to the point. During the awareness phase, the customers are not yet ready to commit to one provider or the other, and being too aggressive by trying to use so many words may scare them away.

Make a charming impression, and include a photo or a video that is informative, digestible and entertaining. As ahs been said, a picture speaks a thousand words.

The message should be short, interesting, entertaining and friendly, and should be paired with compelling visuals to make it outstanding among the several feeds on social media.

You also need to show off your personality and knowledge but not in a manner that will show that you are too aggressive.

Social media is about a friendly handshake, and no one would like to have their hands crushed by a stranger.

Remember that not all human beings are 100 percent rational. If it were so, then developing the best product at the lowest price would attract a huge number of customers. But this is not the case.

Customers are motivated most by what appeals to their emotions rather than by cold hard statistics. They make decisions based on trust and emotional attachment to one business as opposed to another.

If you have a business blog you can use it to create this emotional attachment by constant conversation, regular publication of important information and building a reputation that buyers can trust.

Do not make a mistake of coming up with a flashy or clever blog that does not contribute to the lives of your potential or existing customers.Make sure that the information that you post connects with their lifestyle.

A single purchase is good, but repeated purchase by a particular customer is what will turn your start-up into a strong business.

You can offer exclusive content to satisfied buyers and at the same time request testimonials from them. Remember that while your advertisements can convince some that your product is worth the money, nothing works better than already satisfied customers; they are your ambassadors. 90 percent of consumers are influenced by online testimonials or reviews.Turn your satisfied customers to your brand ‘evangelists’.

If you are a clothing retailer, you can offer your paying customers a PDF copy of this season’s new arrivals; something that makes them feel different from the rest.

Try to develop content that helps customers on how to use the new product. You can consider video demonstrations or user guides, and make the publications make them feel that they are receiving more than their money’s worth.

To ensure repeat purchases treat customers like royalty and maintain presence through content.

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