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Fastest ways to build your brand

Your brand is your selling point. It is what portrays what you stand for as a business.
To build a solid brand you need a long time but you can use small steps that can solidify and share your brand.

Let us take you through the ways you can spend small chunks of your free time to help built your brand.

Work well on the visuals
The visual elements are powerful reinforcement of what your organization wants to achieve. Fans will easily recognize your brand colors while the customers will recognize your logo.

Always use your logo whenever appropriate and frequently. Make it be part of your social media profiles, email signature and your presentations.

Your Facebook and Twitter should reflect your color scheme. All these will make your presence to be felt in these forums.

Be accessible
Respond to your friends, followers and fans. Accessibility will make people want to do business with you. Answer questions and address your clients’ concerns.

When it comes to comments and reviews, you should be careful with your response. The responses will reflect your personality, so you need to sound professional. And some comments from your friends, followers or fans may be quite provocative so instead of responding to them you would rather ignore them.

Listen to social trends
You can use social monitoring tools like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to listen to social trends. These tools will let you follow hashtags and brand mentions in one place so that you can remain up to date.

Listening to social trends will help you get the sentiments about your brand and deal with problems being discussed instantly.

They will also help you in monitoring the conversation, track discussion and contribute when you have something to add.

Listening to social trends will also help you to discover what is currently hot in the market and even a new technology that has been launched. This can greatly help in improving your business.

Promote your colleagues
Your colleagues will be posting information about their products and services. If you can take your time to share their posts they will see your support and follow suit and start sharing yours as well. You can also personally ask them to help share your posts.

Remember everything that you do on social media will be monitored closely by you colleagues and competitors. You should therefore act in a manner that shows you are willing to help others and also to have a level playing field for all.

Come up with a catchy elevator pitch
An elevator pitch is that short bio that accompanies your posts. It is very critical in the world of business today.

Since the elevator pitch should be short, make it concise, compelling and on brand. It should capture what your business is about in a brief but very accurate statement.

The elevator pitch may make you get a paying client or lose a potential opportunity. You therefore try to make it as attractive as possible.

If you are not able to create one, you can consult an expert and provide him/her with all the information about yourself and your business.

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