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Great ways to generate leads online

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of leads to a business. Even though some of them do not convert into sales, they are the best starting points for businesses that are seeking new opportunities.

Success with leads requires consistent generation to increase viewership. This will in turn increase conversion.

Try the following tricks to help generate effective leads online.

Register yourself on Help A Reporter Out
When you provide your expertise to bloggers, radio show hosts and reporters who are looking for experts, you will increase your exposure thereby increasing your reach and opportunity.

Use LinkedIn and other social media groups
Have a complete LinkedIn and other social media profiles. LinkedIn offers a ‘Saved Search’ feature which you can use to find prospects and save the search. Once saved, LinkedIn will automatically search for people who fit your parameters and send you an email with a list.

LinkedIn is also a platform that you can use to sell yourself and your business provided your profile is complete.

It also offers a publishing section to the users. You can apply to publish your content on LinkedIn alongside other publishers. This will expand your reach and elevate you to a higher level of expert status.

Provide Social Proof
By sharing your nominations and awards you have received, your case studies and reviews, you will be creating an understanding that you are a valued resource. In effect you will be backing your marketing claims.

Remarketing your product or service
Remarketing your product or service is one of the greatest ways of generating leads. People tend to forget about a product or a service as time elapses after its launch. By creating a new message, you can generate a new interest in your product or service, especially if you direct it to a new target group.

Use trusted influencers to toot your horn
Influencer marketing is similar to social marketing but in this case you let the influencers do the work for you. Influences are people who garner respect and trust; when they talk about you, your value increases and therefore your leads.

Use Infographics
Infographics offer one of the best ways of sharing information. They can be created easily using platforms such as Piktochat. Remember, people want to do business with experts and sharing information will let people know about your area of specialization; this is a great way to generate leads.

Social Listening
Social listening covers all the feedback you get from the customers from the social media, emails, live chat, snail mail, etc.

The data you obtain from the feedback can be quite invaluable for your business if properly organized.
They provide insights that can inform your marketing, product and service. If you take the feed back seriously and respond to them appropriately, you will earn more respect and brand loyalty than businesses that don’t do the same.

Promote your clients
If you have clients who also offer other products and services, you can provide them with exposure. This will also increase your own lead generation. Giving them an audience will lead to more awareness of you and what you have to offer.

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