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Health and Lifestyle Investors to Raise $150 Million for Builders

Tripp Baird, an investor, plans to raise $ 150 million for a new builders fund based in San Francisco. This is in reference to a filling with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Dubbed as Builder Fund, Biard came up with the plan alongside a long-time managing director, Vishal Vasishth, at Indian-based SONG Investment Advisor, who is also a former chief strategy officer at Patagonia. SONG was established to inspire the creation of job opportunities and economic growth through investments in medium and small-scale businesses in India. Its main targets include renewable energy, education and financial services.

While failing to disclose more information about the fund to the media, both Baird and Vasishth are listed in the filing. It is still not certain if Visishth is going to invest (he was described as an “advisor” to an early-stage fund in a post from October last year).

With an over a decade experience in organic investment, Baird concentrates more on foods, health, lifestyle, and sustainability schemes. He wrote on his LinkedIn page that his new investment fund, which is assumed to be Builders, will support companies that help people live healthier and sustainable lives while addressing environmental and social subjects, making the world a better place. From the fact that Vasishth has international experience, it is very likely that he will invest outside the United States.

We contacted Baird for more information about the fund and we shall give an update when we gather more information.

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