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How a different perspective can improve your business

Negotiation and a willingness to consider a new perspective apply to business just as much as they apply to personal life. Therefore if you need to improve your business and your personal life, you need to up your game when it comes to negotiations and also be open to new perspectives.

The way you conduct business depends so much on your personal life. If you do not manage your personal life well, it will automatically reflect on your business. At the same time your experience in business will make you know how to negotiate better and on the personal side too.

But even if you are good at negotiation and have a good personality you still need to be willing to consider new perspectives whenever a problem arises; demanding things to be done your way all the time rarely works. Insistent assertiveness also rarely works.

For you to get the other person to agree requires that you become willing to learn the history of the problem by asking questions and not assuming that you know everything. Once you have understood how the problem developed, ask more questions to find out if there are any associated problems linked to the one you are trying to solve.

By doing this, you will discover new perspectives that work better than what you had in mind. You will even be presented with different options that you can choose from. At the extreme, you may discover that you never understood the problem at all.

What about if you are the one who wants to make a change? The challenge here will be to change the other party’s perspective to yours. At the very least, you will be met half-way.

Do not be stiff. Let the other party also express their views. This will help them to open up to the dialogue and determine how the issues may be resolved. But if you don’t give them the opportunity to open up you may not be able to win them to your side and what will result is conflict of interest which is not healthy for your business.

Remember, if you force your perspective onto the other party, they will reluctantly accept it but they will not support it. This means once you implement it, it will obviously fail.

Admission to problems encourages an open dialogue to find solutions. The dialogue will bring many suggestions from which you can find the best cure that is also cost-effective.

Once you select the solution, confirm all the details and come up with an appropriate timeline for completion.

Be appreciative of the other party’s willingness to move forward, and make them feel that their perspectives are important even if they have not been taken into consideration.

And as the implementation begins, be available and ready to discuss any unforeseen challenges. You will still need other party’s views on how to tackle these challenges.

Once the problem is solved, thank the other party again for the willingness to work with you. You will have demonstrated that you are flexible and will most likely get referrals, testimonials and repeat business. After all this is what your business needs.

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