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How to benefit from your interns

Some college graduates land full-time positions through internships. To some established businesses it is the cheapest way to recruit new staff.

Startups that are still hard pressed with problems such as managing cash flow and overseeing day-to-day operation may give little thought to idea of offering internships. Little do they know that hiring interns can benefit their business, especially if they are paid for real work.

Small businesses should offer these opportunities for the business benefits from new thinking and interns gain real work experience.

Here are some ways to the maximum benefit from the interns:

Provide meaningful work and offer compensation
In most cases, interns are delegated duties that they were not looking for, like dry cleaning or fetching coffee. Don’t make this mistake with your interns. Give them opportunities that enrich their career growth and also your company.

This will be a win-win situation as your company will benefit from the work completed and the interns shall have gained experience in their field of specialization.

And if you want to benefit fully from this you need to offer compensation for the work done. Offering compensation levels the playing field and will probably make them take the engagement more seriously and work harder.

Compensation will make them feel that they work is being appreciated and this will greatly motivate them. You may be surprised that they will be working harder than your regular employees.

Search by yourself for the right candidates
You need to cast your net widely and search for students with ambition, those who are looking on their own for working for your company.

Don’t rely on interns who are being referred to you by their parents, friends or even their colleges. This means you will get those who are really interested in the job and will therefore perform to the best of their ability. Still you will need to evaluate them and select the best.

Improve your management skills
Use the interns to horn your management skills. As you teach them the true ingredients of a successful work experience, your own management skills will be improving.

Teach them how to compete for opportunities and the value being attached to time and talent in the corporate world. Help your interns to receive the most from their internship; this will give them room to exploit their creativity to the benefit of your company.

You should cultivate a sense of responsibly to teach the interns the real value of learning from and working in a business environment. Remember, if no one gave you’re the opportunity to learn, you could not be where you are. Don’t deny others this opportunity to learn.

Give them opportunity to deal with real managers, real work, real responsibility, real accountability and a real paycheck!

If you are considering hiring interns, devise a plan that will not only benefit the company but the student as well. According to, 84 percent of employers who have hired interns said they had a positive experience.

And if you decide to recruit your intern as a full-time employee, it will save you all the costs associated with recruiting new employees.

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