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How To Incite A Financial Revolution

Financial matters are daunting for some people with all its numbers and jargons. There are financial gurus, prophets and bankers who have given their suggestions on how to improve the financial state of people, but these tips doesn’t really bring the people together into one heap to start a financial revolution.

  • A wider scope of people should enter financial production to establish more diversity in the economic system, instead of limiting the production of financial service among a limited group of people, including the bankers, traders, fund managers and more. By including more people in the financial production it also empowers them.140814115213-brewdog-equity-for-punks-horizontal-gallery
  • The current financial system should be improved providing wider access to financial service. Smaller entrepreneurs should get a chance to borrow money easier, instead of just limiting the big amounts of money only for the giant hedge fund companies.140814125004-northfield-ecocentre-urban-harvest-horizontal-gallery
  • The financial sector should be more transparent with their operations. Most people don’t know how the banks use their money.140814144651-bell-inn-pub-bath-horizontal-gallery
  • Establish a more collaborative culture to encourage people to take risk in putting their money on bigger yielding investments.140814151538-abundance-generation-wind-turbine-restricted-horizontal-gallery
  • Finally, revolution is not a guarantee for utopia when it succeeds, challenging the financial system should be welcomed.140814152544-triodos-sustainable-bank-sign-horizontal-gallery

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