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Is work-life balance attainable for an entrepreneur?

Why would anyone care about achieving a work-life balance? To some people, their work comes first then other issues follow, be they family, pleasure, leisure or spiritual development. They feel that by providing the basic needs and some luxuries for their families they will be happy and contented.
This is far from the truth. Your family owns you; they need your presence for that motherly or fatherly love. They need you to be present to share the happiness together. For your information, some people have filed for divorce complaining about their partners being workaholics thereby not sparing sometime for them.

Work-life balance is something that majority of people want to achieve whether they are in employment or in business. But as most of us have experienced, it is something that is not easy to achieve.
In the case of entrepreneurs, it may even be more difficult if you business demands your attention most of the times.

To strike a balance, move away from the debate about work-life balance and focus on yourself. Try to figure out a balance that works best for you. You can strike an equilibrium point that guarantees your happiness and that of your family.

Gary Vaynerchuk says that if you are interested in work-life balance in the first three year of starting your own business, then you will fail.

When you are a startup, you need to forget the idea of work-life balance first. That does not sound consoling but it is the reality. A startup will require much of your time, mental commitment and energy.
It is good to understand this and also to make your family to understand so that they don’t feel abandoned and you also don’t feel guilty. This will ensure that all of you remain happy. If anything, you may create some time to make up for them later once the business is established.

As your business grows, it will be upon you to make decisions on how your work-life balance should be. But you have to bear in mind that you can never have it all. You will have to make decisions on what comes first, work or life.

Understanding that you can never have it all is important in helping you to make a decision on what matters to you most without feeling pressurized.

Sometimes making the decision will be easy, but at some other times they’ll be more challenging. But the important thing is that you will relieve some of the internal pressure you place on yourself to have it all.

Your entrepreneurial life might require you to devote too much of your time to work, but finding meaning in your days, loving and knowing your life are what will contribute to the most amazing work-life balance.
If you are passionate about what you do and you love your work, you will get satisfaction in your life. Work-life balance will come naturally if you chose a profession that you love most.
As Confucius said “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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