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Keys to great small business strategy

For your business to be successful you must have a clear marketing strategy. Unfortunately many small business are engaged in marketing execution tactics involving sending emails, building websites, advertising, tweeting, optimizing a landing page, blogging, etc at the expense of working on decisions that will improve the performance of these tactics.


When crafting a successful strategy, there are many things to consider they key being, defining your target customer, identifying the category in which your business falls and your unique strengths, knowing your real competition and knowing how you are different from your competitors.

Your target customers should be as narrowly defined as possible. Focusing on a well-define target may prove to be a challenge to you at first, but you need to stay focused lest you go astray. Narrow your business to fit your strength.

Your category is just a short description of the business you are in. or put in another way, what words can someone use to describe your business. If you clearly define your category your marketing and sales efforts will be amplified. Many small businesses tend to over-complicate their company descriptions leading to ambiguity or vagueness.


Your unique strengths are those qualities that differentiate your products or services from your competition. Put more emphasis on these and ensure that your target customers are aware of them. Just keep the description simple and to the point.

Knowing your competition is another important strategy in building your business. Knowing them will help you know where they are doing better than you so you can up your game. It will also help you know where you are better so you can polish it further.

You also need to learn to keep business secrets. Your strategies, procedures, processes, network, sales tactics, etc should remain closed to the outside world.

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