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Methods Of Motivating Your Temporary Employees So They Can Do Their Best

In the US the number of temporary employees currently stands at 2.8 million people. And as we approach December when there will be a lot of shopping, this number is expected to increase. The performance of these temporary employees in crucial to your business that’s why you need to motivate them so as to boost your business. Here are the suggestions:

Give them Cash Bonuses


Since they are usually paid less than regular employees, they will tend to feel inferior. Giving them cash bonuses is a sure way of motivating them. The bonuses should be on merit, though. You can set goals that should be met before the bonuses are earned. Bonuses can also be earned by good attendance. You can also organize contests with cash prizes.

Make friends with the temporary employees


Don’t treat the temps as second class citizens. This will make them feel isolated and hence de-motivated. You should instead introduce them to the rest of the staff and explain what they are doing and how long they will be around. You can offer them orientation to increase their confidence or even pair them with full-time workers to train and guide them.

Team them up with permanent employees


Teaming temps with permanent employees will motivate everyone. They will feel that their contribution is valued in the organization. You can also consider setting departmental challenges that spur friendly competition. Let any group rewards be shared equally among the temps and the permanent employees to make them not feel discriminated against.

Other ways of motivating temps is to train them according to the requirements of your organization so they actually know what is expected of them. After training, make a follow up to see whether they are doing the right thing, if not correct them in a polite manner. You also need to include them in all social activities of the organization.


Make temps aware before hand that if their performance is good, they may be considered for employment in case there is an opening in the company. Make a promise to stay in touch with them after their contract is over.

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