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    Mistakes to Avoid While Crowdfunding

    There are many Crowdfunding sites that help startups to raise funds. Unfortunately, many startups fail to meet their targets. For example, on Kickstarter 57 percent of campaigns fail to reach their funding goal. The successful ones have collectively managed... Read More

  • Money: Financial, Economic News and Money Saving Ideas

    7 Ways To Create Your Own Currency

    There is a phenomenon where a town or a community put up their own homegrown currency to promote local spending and keep their area safe from economic crisis. This is not necessarily a new thing, but with the widespread... Read More

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    “Google Glass” for your car

    Statistics show many road accidents occur when the driver tries to reach his/her phone while driving thereby losing concentration. Reaching out for your phone when you hear it ring or when a message alert comes in is common to... Read More

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    An electric car built by students beat Tesla in speed

    Tesla has been overthrown by Sunswift’s eVe, an electric car that has been designed by Australian university students. eVe set a new world record for faster average speed knocking over 60mph over 310 miles on a single battery charge.... Read More

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    What winemakers won’t tell you

    As you enjoy a sip from your glass of wine there are certain things about it that are only known by the wine makers and they wouldn’t be willing to share with you. Here we have gathered some for... Read More

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    5 Ways to Ace an Investor Pitch so as to get funds

    You would not want to face world champions like Usain Bolt if you have been competing in village athletic tournaments. The same way you should not appear in a venture capitalist’s office with a mediocre pitch. It will be... Read More

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    Free sales lesson for non-sales people

    It is sales that drive a business. You might be in business but you don’t have any formal training in sales and this could be affecting your business negatively. You need to learn a few things in sales to... Read More

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    Fastest ways to build your brand

    Your brand is your selling point. It is what portrays what you stand for as a business. To build a solid brand you need a long time but you can use small steps that can solidify and share your... Read More

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    If you want to form an LLC, here are the documents that you need

    LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. It is a very popular form of business ownership since the business owners against liability in case the business is being liquidated. It also gives them a pass-through tax status and at the... Read More

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    Writing effective business articles

    Business articles are powerful tools that can help your business stand apart from the competition. Having a defined voice helps clients and colleagues feel more connected to you. Communication is one of the management tools but it only works... Read More


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