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    You will benefit most if your hiring process gives good experience to the candidates

    Job seekers confess that the process is a nightmare. This is because they put long hours in looking for the right job, getting introductions, customizing their resume, cover letters and essays, after which there is the long wait for... Read More

  • Business - Markets Reports and Financial News

    How to react to an unsolicited business advice in a polite manner

    Whenever you start a new business, unsolicited pieces of advice will bombard you from all corners. Many people will take it upon themselves to advice you on how to run your business even those who have no experience in... Read More

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    Rules for the best press releases

    Human desire for news will never change, what has changed is that many people now prefer to read the news online as opposed to reading them in newspapers. The PR Web (Vocus) reports that 80 million people prefer to... Read More

  • Money: Financial, Economic News and Money Saving Ideas

    How To Become Rich Without Even Trying

    What a wonderful title. But the truth is, the method to become rich without trying in this article has the same idea as any other get rich articles out there. Only, this article’s title has a better twist to... Read More

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    Letting your employees work from home saves you a lot of money

    Times are changing and it is now difficult to deny that telecommuting is a wise business decision. It the U.S. it is a pervasive, continuing trend and has grown by 80 percent since 2005. Telecommuting is making such strides... Read More

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    Prepare your business for Generation Z

    Many consumers are shifting from retail shopping to online shopping due to its acceptance and convenience. Retail shops might be on their death beds as the number of online stores keeps on increasing daily. This shift is greatly promoted... Read More

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    Mistakes to avoid when buying a car

    When buying a car, the choices are endless and finding the right combination of features at the correct price is a big challenge. When you are considering buying a car avoid the following mistakes; Thinking in terms of monthly... Read More

  • Things Only Rich People Know

    Money: Financial, Economic News and Money Saving Ideas

    Things Only Rich People Know This is Why the Rich Gets Richer and the Poor Gets Poorer

    Becoming rich is neither a decision nor a destiny. Financially successful people didn’t become rich overnight. They have the right mindset and characteristics needed to become wealthy. If until now you still wonder why other people are more affluent... Read More

  • Money: Financial, Economic News and Money Saving Ideas

    Saving on your dream vacation

    Having an exotic adventure or a romantic interlude doesn’t have to be a budget buster this summer (or fall). There are strategies you can use to save on every aspect of your vacation. From airfare to lodging to entertainment,... Read More

  • Private Equity

    Money: Financial, Economic News and Money Saving Ideas

    Private Equity: A Beginner’s Guide

    Private equity is the funds that come from several investors to raise millions or billions of dollars to buy stakes in other companies. Basically, private equity is also considered as venture capital. However, PE is usually associated to the... Read More


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