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Perfect Resume Tips From Google HR Boss

You have passed countless resumes to various companies, and you are still waiting for a reply. You have double-checked your resume and you made sure it has all the ingredients required. But it seems like it lacks something.

laszlo-bock-8Google people operations senior vice president Laszlo Bock gave graphic tips in his LinkedIn post on how to make the perfect resume.

  • You must provide an exact measure of your previous achievements and works.
  • You must provide a clear picture of your successes and skills.
  • Start your sentences with active verbs when presenting your previous works.
  • Measure your accomplishment using numerical figures. Give comparisons. Detail how you achieved your

Here is what you see in a typical resume: “Studied financial performance of companies and made investment recommendations.”

Here is what Bock suggests: “Improved portfolio performance by 12% ($1.2M) over one year by refining cost of capital calculations for information-poor markets and re-weighing portfolio based on resulting valuations.”google-80

If you can notice, the second one clearly stands out. It starts with an active verb “Improved.” It gives numerical values such as “12%” and “$1.2M,” which makes it clear for the reviewer how much improvement you’ve done for your previous company. It also provides a detailed course of action in achieving your goal.

With details like these, the HR managers can easily identify if you can live up to their qualifications and requirements, said Bock.

Here are examples of mid level resumes for Google according to Business Insider:bi_graphics_goodresume_midlevel_revised (1)-1

Here are examples of college level resumes for Google according to Business Insider:bi_graphics_goodresume-01

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