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Personalize your services to attract customers

No matter what kind of business you are involved in, there are several ways in which you can personalize your services so as to attract customers.

If you can’t compete with innovation or price, try to make yourself unique with an outstanding customer care.

One of the ways to do this is to give fun updates on what’s new in your store or use your blog or email marketing to profile loyal customers. These loyal customers are very important for your business and you should concentrate more on them even as you try to attract more customers.

But you need to keep everything simple. Don’t overinflate what you can offer, and never make customers feel as if they are paying for a service they don’t want. Do not accept payment for a service that you can not deliver.

Words like “thank you”, “please” or “excuse me” can go a long way in boosting your image to your customers. After serving a customer, a word of thank you makes them feel appreciated for the fact that they chose you instead of your competitors.

Most customers value special events like anniversaries, valentines or birthdays. Make use of such opportunities to advertize your products by sending personalized notes to your customers. Each note should be unique, not one that is mass-produced and sent to all customers.

Another best way to personalize your services is to anticipate a customer’s unexpressed wishes. Many customers may not have full information about the services they need or they may lack proper expressions for what they want.

All that these customers need is an ear to listen to them, digesting what they are trying to say and coming up with a solution to their problem.

Give them the opportunity to open their heart and pour it out of what they need. Try to be in their position and treat them the way you would have wanted to be treated.

But you need to be careful not to impose your wishes on the customers. Better discuss with them until you reach a consensus.

You also need to build trust with your customers. Be clear in your user policies, product guarantees, and service provisions. Customers will see you as more trustworthy when you’re straightforward in what you’re offering or not offering.

Politeness is another aspect that can make you go far. Different customers have different personalities. Some can be quite annoying at times, but it is upon you to understand how to handle them.

When you mistreat one customer, the message can spread like bush-fire to other customers and this can be injurious to your business.

When a customer is furious but he/she finds you polite and open, they will definitely cool down and may turn out to be one of your most loyal customers in the future.

Finally you need to treat your customers equally, do not discriminate or look down upon others. Remember, a satisfied customer will be your greatest ambassador.

Of all the factors that can lead to business success, customer care is the most important.

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