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Quick ways to get some cash for emergency

Some times you may be in need of some cash with an urgency that can not wait. You may owe someone some dough and they need it urgently, or may be your sister is having a birthday and you had promised some gift which you can’t afford now and you don’t want to spoil her day, you may also need some cash to process your documents for that important interview.

If you are totally hard up, you may find these suggestions to be of interest to you.

Collecting loose change
Search your house and your clothing thoroughly; check your jeans pockets, couch cushions, under car seats, bottom of washing machine etc.
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There might be some coins hidden somewhere without your knowledge. Lipka estimates that average U.S. household contains $90 in loose coinage!

Returning purchased items
If you had bought an item and it is still lying unused in your house, you can return it to the seller and get your cash back provided you have the receipt and the item is still as good as brand new – with the original package and even the price tag.

Some stores have lenient return policies and can even accept items returned without receipts provided they cost a certain minimum amount. Find out about the return policy of each store before you return the items.

If you don’t have any proof of purchase, you can simply admit that you’re asking a special favor and be grateful for any leeway you get.

Sell scrap metal
Scrap metal are in great demand. Metal recyclers and scrap yards pay by the pound for new or used items made from copper, brass, steel, iron or aluminium.
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Scrap yards and metal recyclers will pay by the pound for new, used or extremely used items made from materials like steel, iron, aluminum, brass and especially, copper.

So, if you have some metal items lying idle in your backyard, you can turn them into cash. Copper items sell for as high as $3 a pound.

Selling bottled water
On a hot day during some special events where there are large numbers of people, cold bottled water sell like hot cakes.
This can be a one day business or it can take a couple of days but can leave you with a lot of bucks in your pockets.

Selling unused gift cards
Someone might send you a gift card that you are not interested in using. Good news is that there are legal websites where you can sell your gift cards.
Websites like Cardpool and CardCash will accept your gift card but they will pay 92 percent of the value. But that is better than keeping a useless card in your drawer.

Sell your old gadgets
If you have old tablets, iPods, cell phones or Apple computers you can sell them at Gazelle. Gazelle is a website that offers fixed prices for these items.

All you need to do is to enter the gadget’s information and its current state and you will get an instant quote from Gazelle.

Sell part of your body
That sounds ridiculous. But there are parts of your body that you can sell and get some cash. For example, if your hair is over 10 inches long and in perfect condition, it can fetch you hundreds of dollars if you sell it.
Some people have also sold their sperm or blood plasma. Plasma can fetch you $35, while sperm donation can earn you between $50 and $200 per specimen

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