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Sky-writing: The new advertisement frontier

Businesses are facing tough times nowadays because the market place is fragmented and highly competitive. It is through advertisements that they can at least stand out from a sea of brands offering similar services or products.
Letters in cloud
Advertisement helps to bring awareness to your brand and gives it exposure. It is advisable to advertise frequently as this will build familiarity with your brand.

By building this awareness, you can become a thought leader in your industry providing differentiation and thereby building trust. A good advertisement must be combined with press releases, seminars/webinars, social media, education, speaking engagements, and white papers.

Advertisement will boost your sales with lead generation. A targeted campaign triggers quick sales and at the same time influences future buyers.

Most traditional methods of advertisement are nowadays giving way to the social media which is the cheapest and the quickest way to reach a large number of people. It also helps in reaching geographically dispersed audience that would not be possible to reach with the traditional methods.
But how far can you go in the advertisement process? It requires creativity and one former flight instructor and veteran entrepreneur Patrick Walsh is taking no chances.

Patrick is revolutionizing the advertisement industry by printing his advertisements in the sky!
If anything unique is in the sky, a multitude of people with observe it and it is certain that quite a number of people with take it photo and share in the social media. This exactly what Patrick Walsh is banking on.
The writings stand 1500 feet in the sky and the message can be seen up to 15 miles away. This provides an extremely effective form of advertising.

“There’s never been a way to super charge a social media campaign like this,” said Patrick Walsh.
But how is the writing done? The technique involve the use of planes or smoke or both planes and smoke.

Because planes can only contain a limited amount of oil to produce enough smoke for writing, Patrick uses a technique similar to that of dot matrix printing. Five planes fly in a particular formation puffing out smoke at intervals.

This creates dots of smoke in the sky which at a distant will appear more or less like letters.
The puffing is computer-controlled allowing the group of planes to create a message 1,500 feet above the ground.

“There’s never been a way to super charge a social media campaign like this,” said Patrick Walsh.
His latest project was titled #DigDeeper. It was projected in the skies above San Diego last week. It was repeated twenty times during Comic-Con to promote Dig, its latest upcoming thriller.

It drew a lot of excitement with social media being awash with pictures of the letters dotted in the sky. Well, this is a method of letting other do the advertisement for you.

Patrick founded Airsign Inc. in 1996 as an air advertisement company. It offers sky writing, blimps and banners.
The company has 60 qualified pilots and has served companies like Google, Ford, Disney, Superbowl, etc.

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