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Strategies for improving your calls to increase sales


All your conversations should begin from the prospective client’s point of view; that’s what all successful sales professionals do.

Encourage the prospective client to speak first and pour out what’s in their mind. Doing this will help you understand what they truly need, want or desire. And it is the best way to get to the sale.

Whenever you make a call, remember the person on the other side can read your mood and personality. It is therefore necessary to learn how to make effective calls that can lead to sales.

You can open your conversation with words “I was thinking of you”. This phrase acts like a magnet. Everyone will appreciate that fact that you were thinking about them. The phrase sound honest because you were wondering why you hadn’t heard from them for the time they have not come for your product or service.

Consider their response then ask them if they have time to speak. Talking to a person who is busy with his/her personal issues or who doesn’t want to be bothered can be a great embarrassment, but your opening statement can make them relax and be willing to speak to you.

If they are not willing to speak, you can excuse yourself politely and maybe ask them when they would be willing to speak. Don’t make a mistake of forcing someone to speak to you.

When they have agreed to speak, ask them what’s new with them or their company. Executives and even employees rarely have an opportunity for this kind of conversation and the question will give them a feeling of importance and they will most likely be happy to share their updates and insights.

They will open up and even start to share their personal news too. This shows they are very comfortable speaking to you and that you are on the right track in building a strong relationship.

As they share with you, make positive comments and thanks them for the updates. And as the conversation continues, take note of the new services that now offer that they might be interested in.

After that you can now share your own personal views. Tell them that it was good to hear from them because you recognize they may be interested in one of your new offerings. Make it quick in a summarized form.

Take about two minutes to describe the overall line of your new line of services. Put a lot of emphasis on how a certain service aligns with what you have just discussed, and follow with questions like “Will this be of interest to you?” If they say yes, fix a date for your meeting.

At the meeting, take the lead. And once you get into serious business, remind them about the highlights of your previous conversion and ask them if anything has changed since you spoke last.

The key to successful selling is to ask questions and pay serious attention to all of the information you shared. Work from the client’s point of view to deliver the best possible customer service experience.

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