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Substitutes to micromanaging employees

Are you aware that micromanagement of your employees is very dangerous to your business? Some managers tend to nose around whenever they see production or sales going down. This is quite counterproductive and may lead to decreased employee morale hence further decline in production or sales.

If you want your business to succeed, stop micromanaging your employees. You jus need to be transparent and give your employees room to perform their tasks instead of hovering and wasting your precious time.

Consider these alternatives to micromanagement that can be helpful to your business:

Hire the right people and set clear expectations and goals for them
Micromanagement comes when the manager suspects that the employees are not doing the right thing. To prevent this suspicion, hire those who believe are fit for the task. During the hiring process, evaluate the candidates thoroughly and if possible, give them tests to eliminate those who may require much supervision while on the job.

During this process, you also need to be open and honest about the job expectations, roles and responsibilities. Come up with a clear job description so the candidates know what is expected of them, rather than waiting until they are employed then start giving tasks at random.

It would also be of much help if you can select candidate who can go beyond the job description, are agile and fast and willing to learn.

If you make a mistake during the hiring process, you will not have confidence in your employees and this is what will lead to micromanagement.

Your expectations and goals should be clear from the word go. This should be done on daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your company’s culture. Come up with checklists and visual performance indicators to help employees check by themselves whether they are meeting the company expectations or achieving the set goals within the stipulated time.

The CEO of Real Life E, Elizabeth Saunders, mentions in an article that ‘The journey doesn’t matter much as the destination”. Give your employees specific goals and deadline and let them do it their own way. This will eliminate the need for micromanaging and at the same time achieve the desired results.

Provide real-time feedback and develop employee ownership
Communicating to employees on how they are fairing will allow them to understand their role within the company. It will help them come back on track in case they were moving away so everyone will be working towards the same goal of the company.

Understanding their roles will also ensure that they only concentrate on what matters to the company rather than involving themselves in certain tasks that may not be in line with the company objectives.

The best way to do this is to put a whiteboard with the company goals in a central location. Create a color coding system that you can use to indicate each employee’s progress so they can see by themselves in real-time.

Seeing how they perform in comparison to other employees may encourage them to work harder, more than micromanaging them.

Employees will also work harder if you create a sense of ownership in them. Give them room to air their views and implement the ones that you think can make the company to grow. This will make feel like partners in the company rather than just employees. When their views are taken into consideration they will work with minimum supervision and there will be o need for micromanagement.

Other ways to avoid micromanagement of employees are to make them accountable to their peers by encouraging team work and also to openly communicate with them to avoid misunderstandings.

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