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Techniques To Help You Get 5-Star Reviews

Customer reviews can build or destroy your business. If they are great, your brand with earn credibility that will lead to more loyal customers. Bad reviews will make you lose both the existing and potential customers.


You should therefore strive to get five-star reviews after every service of product you deliver. This is how you can do it:

Prompt the customers to give reviews

After offering a service or delivering a product to a customer, make a follow up. You can use an email, a phone call or any other available means to ask them about there experience with your product or service.


Let your customers rate their experience and ask them what they would like to be improved next time they visit. Customer recommendations are very important to your business and they would get more satisfaction if they notice that their recommendations have been implemented. This is a sure way of getting 5-star rating from them in the future.

Ask Satisfied Customers to Post Reviews

You will get more reviews when you ask for them. Just point satisfied customers toward online review sites. Whenever you identify a customer that has been satisfied with your services, ask them to leave a review either on Facebook or Yelp. You can also include links to these sites directly to your website.


Respond Immediately to Negative Reviews

Once in awhile you may get dissatisfied customers for one reason or another. Some may not be your own making. Whenever such a situation arises, respond right away and don’t be defensive or respond out of anger. Try to offer some type of solution and also explain your company’s side of the story in a professional and clear manner.

Even if you can not offer a solution right away just respond so they know you have acknowledged the problem and are working on it.


You also need to learn to apologize. It is a very powerful tool in winning the hearts of customers. Even if you feel that your company wasn’t on the wrong side, apologizing will make the customers feel that you empathize and understand they had a bad experience.


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