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The best time to send marketing emails

Email marketing when properly utilized can be a very powerful tool for business growth. Sending the emails are not difficult. The most difficult part is to build an email list.

But once you have the email list, the next question arises; when do you deliver the mails to achieve the highest level of success.

The question might seem simple and easy to answer but you need to know that poor handling of emails may lead to your loss of customers.

Not everyone wants their email inbox to be filled with mails all the time. Frequency and timing are therefore very important for successful email marketing.

So, before you embark on sending emails there certain things you need to consider that will help achieve more out of your marketing efforts.

The first thing is to try to know the best time to send the emails so as to make the level of readership and response to be optimized for your target audience.

You need to understand your audience then figure out the appropriate times they are most likely to check and read their emails. You also need to figure out the times they are most likely to respond to the emails. Are they most likely to respond in the morning, at mid-day or in the evening? You can only answer the question after understanding your target audience.

John Foreman, the MailChimp’s Chief Data Scientist carried out a research to try to find out the answer to this question and many more. He found out that the best time to send out emails to every age group is between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. while the worst time lies between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Many college students check their email at 1 p.m., while those in their 40’s up to the retirement age are most likely to check their emails at 10 a.m.

This data is backed by common sense. College students are most likely to wake up late compare to the older people who usually check their mails within an hour after getting to work. College students are occupied in the morning hours after they wake up by preparing for and attending classes. They are therefore most likely to check their emails when they feel that they are relatively free i.e. in the afternoon hours.

It also makes sense that between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. no one will be checking their emails.

Having this knowledge may not be of much help since research has shown that about 7 percent or less of your subscribers will read their mails in the times described above.

What we are trying to say here is that each individual is different but since you can not sent emails to fit each and everyone’s time it is good to know the times so that you can net a large number of readers even though it is not going to happen at an instant.

It means that the time to send emails is only optimal for 6-7 percent of the email addresses. So there will be some deviations from whatever time you pick but this should not make you ignore the research findings.

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