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The Four Qualities of a Bad Leader

Leadership is no easy task. At least great leaders know this as a fact. No one is born a leader. And no one can attest it best than the leaders’ followers. This holds true even in an office setting. It’s the boss that employees look up to for guidance. If the employer is bad, then the employees are expected to put out much until they reach their breaking point and quit. If you want to be a good leader, it’s not enough to know what motivates your employees. You should also know what grinds their nuts so you would know what to avoid.

  1. Lying. Honesty is the best policy. If you’ll be caught lying, your followers would lose their trust and confidence in you. Most people appreciate honesty and you’ll be surprised how people can take blatant and hurtful truths well so it’s really pointless to lie to them to “protect” them.Lying
  2. Know it all. Employees love to work in an environment that encourages them to be creative. Employees love it when they know their ideas matter. So if you’re trying to create an opposite environment, no one will last.Know it all
  3. Mistrustful.  This creates frustration and resentment. Give your employees proper guidance instead. Give them a room to grow and your job as a leader is to prune.Mistrustful
  4. Fail to make tough decisions. Popularity among constituents should not be considered when the going gets tough. When the times call it, your followers will look up to you to make the toughest decisions. questions

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