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The fundamentals of successful brands

Every one of us has his/her favourite products or services. It may be a favorite joint, running shoes or a brand of ice cream.

The fact that they are our favourites does not mean that they are unique or that no one else makes similar products. Its quality will just be the same as that of the other similar products or services

But what really attracts people to these so called ‘favorite’ products or services? There must be some charm in them that makes them more appealing.

These brands just sell just by virtue of their availability and they do not need any introductions whatsoever.

Building such a brand is a dream of all entrepreneurs. Let us take a look at what you can do so as to build such ‘cult’ brands:

Take your time to build the brand personality
The brand personality is the way it makes you feel. It is the essence of the brand. Brand personality consist of its captions or taglines, logo, a distinct look and feel of the product, signature colors, brand mascots, product design, store design, website or packaging, service delivery, and many more.

All these elements must be a perfect harmony so as to give the brand a unique personality that will make it constantly recognizable and easily identifiable.

High quality and customer delight will make your brand tick
As an entrepreneur you can not compromise on quality. But every other entrepreneur does them same, so, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest. Spice the quality of your product or service with customer delight. Surprise your customers with things they never expected.

Customer satisfaction does not mean that you can eliminate complaints completely. Certain issues may arise that are beyond your control. For example, delivery to your customer may delay if there is traffic jam or if the delivery van breaks down while on the journey. The customer may not be happy with this and raise a complaint. How you handle such a matter will determine whether the customer will continue buying from you or not.

When any problem arises, try to find a solution as soon as possible and if possible involve the customer in finding the solution. This will make them feel that they are part of your business and that their contribution is valued.

Once you solve the problem, try to make a follow up. This will show the customer that you are concerned about their welfare.

Anticipate what the customer needs
A great brand should know what the customer thinks. This knowledge will help you design products and services that actually satisfy the customers’ needs. Gather as much data as possible from your customers add this to your own market analysis then come up with a superb marketing strategy.

You can also make use of the available technology to gather customers’ data. For example, you can use email analytics from GetResponse or Google Analytics. These tools can help you get customer information that you could not easily get by asking the customer.

Successful brands take time to build, be patient but persistent until you pull it over.

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