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The Right Answers to the Interviewer’s “Tell Me About Yourself”

“Tell me about yourself” is the most cliché question that an interviewer could ever ask you.

It is an overwhelming question that might make you say an all-over-the-place answer.

There are a lot of possible answers to this question. With all the things running across your mind, it’s hard to organize your traffic of thoughts.

This question is asked because the HR manager wants to know more about you. But most importantly, this is the part of the interview where you get the chance to prove why you deserve the job.

Before you lose you opportunity to land on a great job, it is best that you understand the unofficial structure your answer should have.

Right Answers to the Interviewer's

Career History
You should start with a graphic detail of your career history. Explain your experiences and skills as specific as possible as you lay them down on the table.

After the history, give a concise example of your best achievement in the past. Make sure you provide important details like numbers, what did you do, and how did you do it. Don’t forget to include the end result and how greatly it impacted your former company.

Finally, tell the interviewer what you expect your career to look like in the near future. Make sure you talk about the current position and the company you are applying for. You should tell them how an asset you could be for them.

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