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To leverage the future of digital marketing

There is strong evidence that consumers are shifting to mobile devices to make purchases or buy products.

Data released by Gartner shows that mobile apps download will increase to 268 million by 2017 generating a revenue exceeding $77 billion.

As at now, there is already a 50/50 between local desktop search and local mobile search. But the mobile search is expected to exceed desktop search by over 27 billion by 2016.

MITTCOM reports that tablet shipment increased by 83 percent in 2012 and that the time spent using mobile gadgets takes 20 percent of media consumption.

The future of mobile marketing lies on these mobile platforms that provide businesses and customers an entirely new way of interaction.

You don’t want to miss out in this game. You need to upgrade your business to take advantage of this current trend that is gaining momentum each passing day. To leverage the power of mobile technology, you must know the following:

Optimize for tablets
Tablets provide more convenience and comfort than even smartphones. If you are doing online marketing, ensure it is optimized for tablets and that it is user-friendly. This will drive your sales to higher levels.

Simplify the checkout process
If you are selling online shorten the process of placing orders to make it simple. Streamlining the process increases conversions. Don’t make it tedious with so much information to be filled; this may turn off your potential customers.

If possible, have just a single page for placing an order and have few required fields. Ensure your site has a feature to save customers’ profiles so they can easily access them for repeat purchase.

Decrease the loading time on your site
Long loading times are a turn-off to many customers. Customers tend to be impatient since they have so many options to choose from. Make your site to load quickly and process orders fast lest the customers will abandon their shopping carts.

Keep updating your content
You content needs to be relevant at all time. Research has shown that 79 percent of consumers will not revisit a site more than twice if at their first visit they were not impressed. Ensure that your site is up-to-date and provides factual information.

For example, if you place an email address it must be working and users should be bale to reach you through that address.

If you want to excel in leveraging specific moments, you can use brands like Home Depot, Zappos and 7-Eleven. They deliver relevant content that include appropriate deals.

consider proximity marketing
This is great for those with physical stores. It involves marketing to consumers who are nearby. You can set up a “geo-fence” around your restaurant, store or event with a proximity-based notification system that automatically messages those with your mobile app and are nearby.

This method can also be used by bars, entertainers to promote events, retail store to offer discounts, and even athletes to promote appearances.

Mobile marketing is something you can not ignore. If you are not leveraging the power of mobile technology, you are losing out on a competitive advantage and on sales.

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