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Top 5 Financial Problems People in America Face

Money problem is common among Americans with most facing financial struggles in some point of their lives.

According to the latest research, here are the top 5 money problems Americans face today:

  1. Making Ends Meet. A lot of Americans are in a rat race trying to scrape all the bills by the end of the month. They live from paycheck to paychek which is why they suffer this predicament. Most of the people in this condition do not get the financial comfort they seek.broke-piggy-bank-640x427
  2. No Retirement Savings. A lot of Americans only have money for today. They live by the daily income they have and they don’t have retirement savings and other funds for the future.458881913-e1394802300133
  3. Getting Under Piles of Debts. Plenty of Americans have fallen into huge amounts of debt, not including their mortgages, car loans, and student loans. If they won a big amount of money from some reality game show, they would use it to pay their debts.464263169-e1406729872869
  4. Bad Buying and Investment Decisions. After Americans suffered the financial recession, they have been making bad purchasing and investing decisions. They were affected by that financial downturn, that they still make those wrong decisions until today.135198329-e1406222332764
  5. Being Too Cheap. There are Americans, on the other hand, who are very money conscious. They budget their money very well. But they regret being too cheap and thrifty that they didn’t enjoy their money to the fullest.185915049-e1404304599516


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