Toyota Builds A City Car Befitting Millennials

Toyota has invented a wacky city car that it believes millenials will want to buy. The U2 concept, as it is referred to, looks ordinary on the outside, but the inside is packed with customizability and practicality.


Toyota uses Concept cars as statements of the future. Owing to the fact that it is not restrained by safety regulations and practicality, Toyota uses them to show off their vision of what their products will look like in the future.


The reasonable Concept cars usually make it to the production, e.g. the Ford Atlas.

The U2 concept is made by the company’s Calty Design Research Team. It is nicknamed the Urban Utility, and according to Toyota, it is meant to reflect the needs and lifestyle of an entrepreneurial urban driver.


The car is made for millennials, the crazy city dwellers “who just aren’t buying cars the way their predecessors did.”

Toyota believes the U2’s features will appeal to the young people who are used to customizing their smartphones.


The car can be configured to hold things like groceries or bikes, etc. it also has a removable passenger seat, a roll-back roof, a retractable roof, an iPad for a central console, and a tailgate that can be folded into a ramp.

Being infinitely customizable, you can maximize both individuality and practicality. The car is a small SUV, or crossover, the design that is trending now.


Toyota has not said whether it plans to produce some versions of the U2, but it is strongly believed it might not. However, some of its features are expected to be found in Toyota’s upcoming models.

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