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What winemakers won’t tell you

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

As you enjoy a sip from your glass of wine there are certain things about it that are only known by the wine makers and they wouldn’t be willing to share with you.
Here we have gathered some for you;

Better just enjoy a cheap wine
There is no need to buy premium. Consumers can’t tell whether a wine is expensive unless they see the price tag.
A blind taste test carried out on some consumers who were not aware of the prices of the wines they tasted showed that they preferred cheaper wines even though it was just slightly.
What stuff is in your wine?
Wineries are not required to list most of the ingredients that go into their products. This means the consumers will never get to know the additives. If you are interested in knowing then here are some of them: clay and crustacean skeletons, fish bladders, etc.

Many wineries use sulfites, oak powders and sugars and other additives to help flavor and preserve the wines.

Others include “fining” agents which make the wine look clearer. These are added to the wine before it goes to the bottle. They produce a fine layer of solid particles that can be removed before shipping the wine.

Some “fining” agents include isinglass (dried fish air bladders), chitosan which is made from exoskeletons of crustaceans like crab and shrimp, clay, charcoal, egg whites, gelatin, etc.

The wine experts aren’t always sharp
When consumers want to choose a wine they usually rely on ratings from wine critics with those rated above 90 regarded as being outstanding. But one research revealed that an individual judge could give divergent score to the same wine while in different glasses.

The so called experts are not consistent in their ratings of wine. The very same wine could be rated excellent while in one glass and merely good while in another glass by the same judge.

Unnatural coloring
That deep red color you seen in a wine is not natural color. Some winemakers use additives called Mega Purple to enhance the color of their red wine. Mega Purple is a thick concentrate of the Rubired grape
Red Wine on Summer Day
There is no reliable data on how many wines contain this additive since winemakers don’t have to list the additives they have used.

The reason why the winemakers use this additive is because consumers believe that the richer the color the higher the quality.

The price of wine is too high in restaurants
You may know that wine in pricey in restaurants but probably you are not aware of how much you are over paying.

At restaurants, you will be charged almost two to five times as much as the wholesale cost of the bottle!

And the markup on by-the-glass prices is often higher than the bottle markup. In most restaurants their profit margin on wines is higher than that of the food they serve.
Wine is not good for your health
Contrary to the popular belief that wine is good for you health, research has shown that even moderate intake of wine could increase the risk of atrial fibrillation. This is a heart arrhythmia that boosts stroke risk. The risk of atrial fibrillation increases by 8% with each additional alcoholic drink a day.

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