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You will benefit most if your hiring process gives good experience to the candidates

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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2014

Job seekers confess that the process is a nightmare. This is because they put long hours in looking for the right job, getting introductions, customizing their resume, cover letters and essays, after which there is the long wait for the response.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t even give feedbacks. They don’t even tell you how you perfumed in the interview to help you improve.

Many jobseekers have now realized that before you apply for any position you need to asses and self and see whether you have a significant advantage over other applicants.

When you want to hire new employees, you should realize that the candidates usually do not expect that your hiring team will treat them well. You should therefore take this opportunity to differentiate your company from the rest by delighting the candidates.

A study by Career Builder found out that up to 68 percent of job seekers would accept a lower salary if the employer treated them well during the hiring process.

The following points can help you achieve an outstanding candidate experience:

Eliminate much friction
Make the application process to be easy. This is very important especially for the top-tier passive candidates who already have a well paying job and may lose patient if you have a complicated application process.

The first steps should be very simple. May be just brief form submission, an email or a quick call. Let this step to be only for them to signal their interest and to give you their contact information. The rest of the information can follow later.

The trend nowadays is also to make your job application to be mobile friendly. Most jobseekers use mobile devices for their search, and they find opportunities through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and email. If you avail your application in these channel, chance are high that you attract quite a number of candidates that you can choose from.

And remember that in as much as you want more information from them, they also need more information about your company. You advertisement should therefore address most of their concerns.

Responsive communication
Communication is very vital. The way you communicate tells much about how you treat your employees. Candidates will observe how you communicate, whether you are serious with the recruitment process and how you are organized.

If the final selection process takes a long time, update the candidates where they stand every few weeks. Candidates have the right to know the progress of their application; whether the application is still being considered or it has been rejected.

Being honest
If you know that someone isn’t a good fit for the position, let them know right away instead of holding back or downplaying information. The candidates are professional and will therefore be able to handle the truth.

There are certain things though that if you say to candidates may lead to legal action. Seek guidance from the Human Resource professional before you establish you policies about what to say.

Give feedback if possible
Candidates who have not been hired should know their fate as soon as possible so they can move on with their life. In your feedback, it is good practice to inform them why they were not selected and possible some pieces of advice on how they can improve. This will boost the image of your company and will even make those you have hired that you care about everyone’s welfare.

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