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Most Reputable Brands In The Market

Warren Buffet looks at the reputation before acquiring companies. A good reputation brings back customers, which leads to stable long-term profit. Buffet said when buying common stocks or acquiring a company, they look for first-class businesses with first-class management teams.

Consulting firm CoreBrand analysed the top respected brand and Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway has common shares in four of the top ten brands.

CoreBrand took familiarity and favourability as the major factors for selecting the brands with the best reputations. They used the brand research method approved by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board.

Most of the brands included in the top reputable brand list are consumer staple brands, while others are from the technology, industrial and technology industry.

Here are the top reputable brands in the market:

10. General Electric. This company’s five-year share performance is at 129 percent. Berkshire has 10.6 million shares from this

09. Kellogg’s. This company has a 38.6 percent five-year share performance.Kelloggs-logo

08. Apple. This company has 374.6 percent five-year share performance.Apple-logo

07. International Business Machines. This is another company that Berkshire Hathaway owns common share with. They own 68.4 million shares in this company. This company has an 83.9 percent five-year share performance.ibm6

06. Harley-Davidson. Berkshire Hathaway gave high-interest loan to this company when it was under financial crisis. This company has a 307.3 percent five-year share performance.HarleyDavidsonLogo

05. Johnson & Johnson. Berkshire has 327,100 common shares in this company. This company has an 81 percent five-year share performance.newJnJ

04. Bayer. This company has a 124.8 percent five-year share performance.Bayer Logo_Cross_Print_4c

03. Hershey. This company has a 153 percent five-year share performance.HersheyLogoPng-1024x3951

02. PepsiCo. This company has a 62.4 percent five-year share performance.pepsico_logo

01. Coca-Cola. Berkshire Hathaway owns 400 million shares in this company. This soda company has 72 percent five-year share performance.Coca-Cola-Art_Enjoy_Logo_Ribbon

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