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Oculus acquires the company who designed the Xbox 360 controller

In order to bolster their talent, Oculus has acquired Carbon Design, a Seattle-based hardware designer who were the lead designers on the Xbox 360 controller, widely received as one of the best controllers built for console.

Carbon Design has been working with Oculus for over a year now on multiple projects and it looks like the VR company wanted to seal the deal, grabbing the talent and making sure no other company could get dibs.

Peter Bristol, the creative director at Carbon Design, praised the Oculus team for the first real virtual-reality headset. The design team could shape what the next version of the Oculus headset looks like, making it more comfortable to use.

Oculus has been on quite the spending spree ever since Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of the VR company. The team has been purchasing small VR and design startups, mostly looking for more talent to bring to the Oculus team.

The first Oculus VR headset should be available before the end of 2014, other virtual reality headsets have been shown off like Project Morpheus and we have heard that Valve is creating their own hardware VR headset.

It might be a race for first out of the door and since Oculus is a few years ahead of the pack, it looks like they will be first. This might not mean that much if the first Oculus headset does not offer much in the way of games, forcing players to wait for developer interest.

Facebook’s ownership of Oculus also brings a lot of questions about the future of the VR headset, will we see an interface similar to Facebook? Will we have options to share our gameplay and other achievements with Facebook friends? This could hinder Oculus’ future in the VR sector – if it fails to impress users.

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