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Put Up Your Own Business In Just 10 Days

kid-computer-businessProcrastination could make you lose millions of dollars of potential income. Once you get that eureka moment, don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Remember, too much analysis, just might paralyze you. If you have an idea of a product or service, go ahead and grab the moment and start your own business.

You can put up that business in just 10 days, here’s what you should do:

Day one, come up with a business plan. Write it down so that you can present it to prospected business partners and investors.

Day two, learn about the market. You should learn about your competitors and what your edge is over them. Learn about the target market and the rules in that industry.

Day three, establish a brand. Make a name and a logo that would best fit your product or service. Build a social media presence and a website along with your brand.

Day four, hire an attorney. Line up your legal responsibilities including your trademark.

Day five, keep your start up costs low. DO not invest too much on overhead expenses. If you can work in an office with not much furniture yet, then keep it that way. You can even use your home as your office as you start up your company.

Day six, build your network. Make new people and expand your connections. This will make new people know about your business.

Day seven, find media exposure. Look for journalists or media outlets that could feature you in their publication, show or websites. This will increase your publicity.

Day eight, think positive. If you truly believe in your business, you will attract its success.

Day nine, hire other people so you can focus. You can hire workers to do the daily nitty gritty aspect of your business. This way, you can focus on the bigger picture.

Day ten, congratulate yourself. Be proud that you have put up your own business. Get feedback from customers to know if your business worked. Celebrate as if you are patting your own back.

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