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Signs That It is Time to Call It Quits on Your Business

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Last Updated: Oct 25, 2019

It is not easy letting go of a business that you started from scratch. You worked hard to bring it to where it is now, and the thought that you are about to close it is saddening. Despite that, there comes a time when you have no choice but to do it. These signs point you in that direction.

You are not Meeting Revenue Projections

Whether you like it or not, it is always about money when running a business. After a few years of not meeting your revenue projections, it might be time to give up. You will only be bleeding money if you continue the business. You spend more on overhead costs than you gain in profits from sales. The biggest red flag to consider is when you start putting your own money in to salvage the business. It will continue to go downhill from this point, so you might as well stop.

Your Health is on the Line

You need to work hard to keep your business afloat. If it reaches a point when your health is getting worse, it might be time to give up. No amount of money can help relieve you from stress. If you start gaining weight or feeling ill all the time, it is not worth pursuing the business anymore. You need to focus on different aspects of running a business, and if each of them becomes a problem, your health will be unstable.

Your Customers do not Love your Products as much as you do

Yes, it is essential for you to like what you sell if you want to convince others to feel the same way. At some point though, you need to establish a strong following. If your products are worth buying, you will have a steady group of customers who will clamour for your brand. If you do not see strong responses from the buyers, you need to give up even if you firmly believe in what you offer.

Your Employees are Starting to Leave

Even if you do not disclose all the data regarding the status of your business to the employees, they will sense if you are not doing well. If they conclude that the company is not going to last long, they might decide to leave. As key employees begin to leave, it is a signal that you also need to get out while you can. You are only making it impossible for them to stay at work and keep their morale up if you continue operating the company.

You are Starting to Think of Stagnating your Business

Some entrepreneurs believe that a “sleep mode” option works for businesses that are not doing well. It means that you are taking a break from your regular operation, but you will come back later. The truth is that people these days move on quickly. They will find other options if you are not available. They will already forget your brand if you decide to slow down now. You should close the business while you can.

Your Marketing Strategies are not Working

You worked hard to come up with gimmicks that people would love. You opened social media accounts and updated them. You printed roll up banners in the hope of attracting old audiences. Despite all your efforts, your products remain unpopular, which shows that you have no other way but to end things.

It is painful to close a business, but you need to do it if the situation calls for it.

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