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Reasons Why You should be Selling a house as is

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Last Updated: May 8, 2018

The real estate market is, and has always remained, a buzzing locus of activity, with thousands of sales and deals being closed on a daily basis, on a variety of properties spanning a variety of budgets. This has given rise to a number of selling techniques and methods, all with their merits. Many of these methods follow either the premise of maximizing profits, or ensuring convenience or a smooth selling process.

This article will be looking at a more expeditious form of house selling, one where a house is sold quite literally “as is”, with the house going up for listing exactly as you left it when you made the decision. Selling a house as is may seem counter intuitive to realtors whose strategies lie in maximizing profit through smart advertising and renovation, but this method forgoes the costs and risk associated with that, and makes a sale often with the thought of a fast turnover with minimal hassle.

Merits of selling a house as is

If you have a property you wish to place on listing and wish for a quick sale, selling your house as is can be a favorable option. You forego the costs of any renovations or inspections, and leave any risks in doing such to potential buyers, albeit at a lower cost. This decrease is mitigated however by the hassle-free and quick processing of any sale, as by the description “as-is” itself, buyers will be aware of what they are paying for.
Selling a house as is also means opening yourself to a very active and specific market, as there are many organizations and buyers that make a living out of refitting homes that are often bought as-is, so listing houses in this way can guarantee some solid offers in very little time, depending on where your listing is located.

Decent money in quick time

To the many property holders wishing to sell as is, the decision may be one made out of necessity, either due to lack of funds to make necessary repairs, or the need to make a profit quickly due to unforeseen circumstances. It is these same situations that make selling a house as is not only a viable option, but a favorable one, as it is a simple matter of placing your house on listing, and waiting for offers.

For those who have come into a property and simply wish to make a quick sale, turning over houses quickly is a common strategy amongst sellers that wish to make relatively small profits, but in larger quantities as opposed to when making efforts to renovate properties.

A Brisk path to profit

Overall, making the decision to place a property on the market in its current state is one often left to those who do not have the luxury of time, or the luxury of ample funds. But past that stigma is an opportunity for quick and easy profit, and to the enterprising eye, the possibility for future gains down the road of equal through future purchases and sales. Regardless, what selling a property as is guarantees is a multitude of offers, quickly, and a straightforward process with minimal risk on the part of the seller.

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