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Top 10 HR Policies That Keep Away Potential Talents

High turnover rate is one of the major problems of organizations big or small. Human Resource people would say it’s hard to find the right people, and it is even harder to keep them. This is so true. HR policies reflect the soul of a company. If a company wants to keep their best talents, HR policies must not be overlooked.

Here are the top HR policies that simply repel potential talents:

  1. Cut throat performance reviews. Survival of the fittest types of employee comparison is outdated and almost uncivilized. This will hinder potentials to excel.
  2. Stealing the employee’s frequent flyer miles. People who travel often leave a part of themselves in the place where they went. This will affect his or her relationships. Employers should respect this.
  3. Prove family members dead. When an employee’s loved one died, it would be ruthless to still require him or her to come up with proof just to get a day off.
  4. Strict attendance policy. Telling workers that you track every hour you pay them for means you are not a good leader.
  5. Counting keystrokes and minutes. This will only destroy the natural creativity of an employee.
  6. Present doctor’s notes. This is the same as proving a family member is dead.
  7. Red-tape bureaucracy. Able employees won’t be able to make important decisions without approval from above. This is very limiting.
  8. Exploitative. A company that does not value its employees enough will only exploit their workers.
  9. Graphic dress code. Companies should trust their employees’ common sense when it comes to dress codes.
  10. Production is more important than your life. If your life is greatly affected by your work schedule and decisions, that company isn’t worth it.

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