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Top Undergraduate Billionaires in Britain

Many of Britain’s billionaires didn’t go to a university. They only proved that having a degree isn’t a guarantee for success.

Here are the top undergraduate billionaires in Britain:

  1. Richard Branson. He left school when he was 16, he was dyslexic, and now, at 64, he is worth £2.7 billion. His headmaster told him that he would be in prison or he would be a millionaire when he grows up. He put up Virgin media records back in 1972, now he’ a billionaire.branson_2310994d
  2. Philip Green. The Arcadia group CEO, who leads Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, and BHS, left school at a young age of 15, and now, he is worth £3.1 billion.green_2401705d
  3. Mike Ashley. This sports tycoon left school when he was still 16, now he is worth £3.4 billion. He founded Sports Direct and he owns Newcastle United.Mike-Ashley_PA_2598051d
  4. Laurence Graff. He left school at 15 years old and he became an apprentice at one of the Hatton Garden jewellery shop. Now, he is worth £2.8 billion.graff_2231622d
  5. John Caudwell. He left school at the age of 16, he became an apprentice for a tyre factory, and he hopped in the 1980s mobile phone revolution. Now he owns Phones4U and is worth £1.7 billion.CAULDWELL_2713225d

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