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UK based tech companies to show off

London tech companies show they can compete with the Silicon Valley.

As they are about to begin their Technology Week, here are the top five companies to watch as they will pitch their great ideas to make it big.

  1. Squawka. This company takes on the challenge on making big data empowering as they maximize it. It’s actually a real time football data company that already is delivering the world fast data regarding football matches on a weekly basis. This allows its users become fantasy champions in the football leagues. It empowers clubs, coaches, and even the pundits by making them understand what really is happening with the real game.
  2. Swiftkey. It’s the Android phones’ number one third party keyboard app. It is the must have app for the OS. It’s originally London-based but has now moved into San Francisco. It’s a growing company especially now that the Apple company has allowed it to create an app for the iOS8.
  3. Seene. This company maybe unheard of but it recently won UK’s Most Innovative Mobile Company. The company specializes in creating 3D imaging on the iPhone with the use of its processing. That’s actually groundbreaking making it highly potential for valuable clients to take pictures of an image in 3d, or 360 degree and send it to the world.
  4. Damson Audio. This company capitalizes on sound technology that makes use of the environment to enhance the sound that surrounds you. It’s an adventurous project but it’s gaining momentum especially when it won the best start-up company in the UK Trade & Investment.
  5. Blippar. This company is a visionary. That’s why large companies such as Budweiser, Nissan, and Heinz already signed up to avail their services. This company is certainly to look out for in the upcoming London’s Technology Week.

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