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Unwritten Office Rules You Probably Know Nothing About

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. This includes the unwritten rules. You will still be held accountable by your office mates, especially your boss, even if you have only memorized the written rules.8 Office

This is why you yourself should discover the unwritten rules of your workplace.

Here are some of the unwritten rules in your office your boss probably never told you about:

  1. Loyalty, favors, and office politics comprises 20% of the decision-making on whether you will get promoted or not, the rest is doing the job right.
  2. Even in this modern age, ethnicity, race, and gender still play a vital role in your promotion. White males are more likely to get better compensation and get promoted in the workplace.
  3. The hierarchy of power is not necessarily based on the titles or position. There are a lot of people who can influence the decisions for the company.
  4. Bosses have their own set of unwritten rules for different people from different departments and positions.
  5. Your voice may not reach the ears of the right people, especially those on the top.
  6. There are others in favour of the man in position who gets the resources easier than the rest.
  7. Working as a team is best for the company, but the truth is, it’s everyman for himself in a cut-throat workplace.

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