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Is your Cryptocurrency burning a hole in your pocket

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Last Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Is your cryptocurrency burning a hole in your pocket? I know mine is, but maybe you don’t know who accepts bitcoin. We’re here to help you find all the ways you can be spending your earnings this year!

The dulcitude of Christmas tends to entice us to be more thoughtful and compassionate towards others. In the spirit of those feelings, giving can be a really rewarding way to make use of your money. Especially in such volatile times where we all need as much help as we can get. Whether it be tipping articles and blog authors or spreading around Reddit Gold for all, charity is always a viable option. You can of course donate to charities directly with bitcoin.

Online Shopping

There are tons of online stores waiting to serve you. Need a new comforter? Maybe you really want an espresso machine? has everything you need. They feature household items and appliances at discounted rates. Be sure to check them out, who knows what you’ll find!

The go-to Christmas gift for the past decade has been gift cards. Why worry yourself wondering if your friends and family will like their gifts when you can purchase a gift card, with your crypto, and let them choose their own gifts! It’s not always as exciting as unwrapping a new bike, but it is effective and incredibly practical given that most people are shopping online during the pandemic.

Everyone has someone in their circle who is a gamer. Lucky for you Microsoft has started making games available via bitcoin. You can even purchase online servers! So be sure to check out the Microsoft store.


There are a number of websites now that allow you to both deposit and withdraw via Bitcoin. This is both a sound idea for the bookies and those of you who like a flutter. Why? Because the value can change for Bitcoin so quickly, it can work out brilliantly for all involved. For example, if you bet using it and losing it, the company will have your money. Overnight the value could skyrocket and they’ve made even more money without actually having to take any more off you.

The same can be said for punters too. Choosing the right book, you can cash out fast on some websites. So, if you’ve built up quite the nest egg, and you expect to see the value rise due to some news you’ve heard, withdraw quickly, and see the value of your wings soar to new heights. The value of your winnings could double or even triple in the blink of an eye. It is important though to only gamble if you have the means to do so, because it’s a risk, and if you’re in no place to be taking risks, you’re best staying away.


If you have never used Bitcoin before, you might be wondering about the exact process. It’s pretty simple. Let’s use email as an example. When you send an email, you’re choosing an address to send a message and or attachments too. Bitcoin is the same, only instead of a message, you are sending money to an address. Perhaps the best aspect of using bitcoin is that you have a lot of control over your personal information. Most spending is anonymous, with the need to give a name and address only if you are purchasing physical goods. Any digital purchases will require just an email address. Donations don’t require any information at all!

More Shopping!

The use of apps like DoorDash and GrubHub have skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic. Of course, this makes sense, with people unable to go out to their favorite restaurants they are opting to dine in via delivery. You can do the same with bitcoin, many companies will accept this form of payment. So if you want that midnight fast-food run, opt instead to have it brought to you!

Consider supporting your local shops/restaurants. Many small businesses are accepting cryptocurrency in an attempt to remain open. You can pay using a virtual wallet or even with QR scanners. Make sure to call ahead and see which of your local stores are accepting BTC payments.

Bitpay is an app that functions essentially like a VISA card. So anywhere that accepts VISA you can substitute your bitcoins for purchase via Bitpay. They send you a card in the mail that you can swipe anywhere you go.

I can’t imagine many people are traveling right now, but if you find yourself wanting to get away or do some exploring you can pay for flights at Expedia with bitcoin. is another service that allows you to book hotels, rental cars, and events with your virtual wallet.

Last but not least, if you’ve made your bitcoin via sportsbetting then you already know where and how to spend it. Take today’s payment and double it, just be careful not to lose all your earnings!

Additionally, if you ever find yourself in need of some immediate cash you can actually convert your bitcoin into cash by making use of bitcoin ATMs.

Happy Spending!

These are just some of the ways you can be using your cryptocurrency. Of course, there are all sorts of online stores, companies, and websites that accept bitcoin for different services. Have fun spending this holiday season and remember to stay safe!

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