Do’s and Don’ts of Eyelash Extensions

Achieve lash perfection with our must-know do's and don'ts of eyelash extensions. Get the scoop on maintaining beautiful lashes effortlessly.

Author By Lily Kungu
Updated :Jul 1, 2024
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Eyelash extensions can quickly elevate your look, giving you an instant confidence boost. Imagine rolling out of bed with long, lush lashes, ready to conquer the day! However, keeping them looking their best requires care and attention. If you’re new to lash extensions, don’t worry, in our guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of eyelash extensions, we’ll share invaluable advice on how to keep those lashes looking magnificent for longer.

Eyelash Extensions Do’s

1. Do Your Research:

Before you get eyelash extensions, it’s really important to do some homework on where you’re going. Just because a place has good deals doesn’t always mean they’ll do the best job.
Aleena says, Look into what kind of training and qualifications the lash studio requires of their stylists. They should go through a detailed training program for at least six weeks. On top of that, they need to have a professional license in Cosmetology or Esthetics. This shows they’ve got the proper skills and knowledge.
So, when you’re choosing a place for your lash extensions, take the time to check out how well-trained the stylists are. This step can really make a difference in how your lashes look and how well they’re applied!

2. Choose A Certified Lash Artist:

When considering lash treatments, it’s crucial to consult with a trained and certified professional. These experts know how to safely apply lash extensions, keeping your natural lashes’ health in mind. They also use clean tools to avoid any infections. Once they’re done, they clean everything with disinfectant – it’s not something you can do on your own.
In the U.S., the rules for applying eyelash extensions vary by state, but a license is usually required. If you’re unsure about a technician’s qualifications, don’t hesitate to ask to see their certification. Most salons are more than willing to show it to you

3. Do An Allergy Test:

If you’re getting eyelash extensions, you might be worried about allergies. But don’t worry, your stylist can check this by doing a small test before the main appointment. If your eyes feel strange after getting the extensions, talk to your stylist immediately. It’s usually the glue that causes discomfort.

In such a case, you might need to take off the extensions. The glue used for lashes has come a long way, it now dries in just four hours instead of more than a day as it used to. Keep your new lashes dry and away from heat during this time. After that, they can handle water just fine.

4. Gently Brush Your Eyelashes:

After a busy day or when it’s windy, your eyelash extensions might get a bit messy or tangled. It’s a good idea to always have a small brush, like a spoolie or an old mascara wand, handy. When you gently brush your lashes, it helps keep them neat and in the right direction.

This not only makes sure they look great but also helps your natural lashes grow properly. Plus, it’s a gentle way to care for your lashes, keeping them from getting damaged or stressed. Remember, a little brush can go a long way in keeping your eyelash extensions looking perfect!

5. Do wash your lash extensions:

Keeping your lash extensions clean is super important. It’s best to wash them twice a day. Think about it – throughout the day, your face, especially around your eyes, picks up all sorts of dirt and dust. And if you wear makeup, not taking it off before bed isn’t great for your eyes or your lash extensions.

In the morning, give your lashes a gentle wash. This helps keep away any irritation or allergies that might come from stuff like dead skin or allergens hanging out on your pillowcase.

When you wash your lashes, do it gently in a circular or downward motion. After washing, pat them dry softly, then take a lash wand and give them a nice brush and fluff. This keeps your extensions looking fresh and your eyes feeling happy!

6. Do Keep Your Lashes Dry:

After washing your lash extensions, it’s important to dry them properly. There are three good ways to do this:

  • Air-dry: Just let them dry naturally. This is the easiest way and doesn’t require any extra tools.
  • Towel tap: you can lightly tap the bottom of your lash line with a towel. Be very gentle to avoid messing up your extensions.
  • Blow dryer: If you’re in a hurry, You can use a hair dryer, but be careful. Keep it a good distance from your lashes so you don’t damage them. Also, use a cool air setting and keep the airflow gentle.

Remember, drying your lashes the right way helps keep them looking great and lasting longer!

7. Do Use Lash Safe Products:

When you have eyelash extensions, it’s super important to be careful about the products you use around your eyes. Products that have oils or alcohol in them are not good for your lashes.

Why? Because these ingredients can weaken the glue that holds your extensions onto your natural lashes. This can lead to your extensions falling out faster than they should.

Make sure to check out our article on the best eyelash growth serums to find the top-selling items featuring each product’s formulation and purchasing details. And remember, opt for lash-safe products!

8. Do Ask Queries To Your Lash Tech:

Feeling any discomfort or have concerns about your new eyelash extensions? It’s really important to talk to the lash technician who applied them. They’re the experts and can help you figure out what’s going on and how to fix it. Plus, don’t forget to ask them about the lifespan of your extensions and the best ways to care for them. Your lash technician is there to guide you, so make sure to ask any questions you have to keep your lashes looking great.

Eyelash Extensions Don’ts

1. Don’t Get Cheap Lash Extensions:

When it comes to eyelash extensions, ignore the allure of bargain deals. Cheap services often compromise on quality, using inferior adhesives and lashes. Like anything else, exceptional quality has its price. The sensitive eye region deserves the utmost care, and skimping on quality can have damaging consequences. Invest wisely in your extensions.

2. Do Not Wear Mascara to Your Appointment:

When you’re heading to the salon for your eyelash extension appointment, it’s best to skip the eye makeup, especially mascara. Here’s why: if you show up with mascara on, your lash technician will need you to take it off before they can start. This means you’ll spend some of your appointment time just removing makeup, instead of getting your new lashes.

Coming in with a clean face makes everything easier and quicker. Your lash artist can get straight to prepping your lashes, which includes cleansing and priming them for the extensions. So, remember, for the best experience and to make the most of your time, it’s a good idea to go makeup-free to your lash extension appointment.

3. Don’t Rub Your Eyes:

It’s really important to be gentle with your eyes. Rubbing your eyes roughly, especially with your hands, isn’t a good idea. Why? Because you might accidentally pull out some of your extensions. And that’s not what you want after getting those lovely lashes done. Also, try not to use towels to rub your eyes.

The key is to be as gentle as possible to keep your extensions intact and looking great. So, remember, hands off and no rough rubbing to protect your beautiful lash extensions!

4. Don’t Use Eye Products With Conflicting Ingredients:

Avoiding certain eye products is crucial when you have eyelash extensions. Some ingredients found in cosmetics can interfere with the adhesive used for your extensions.

For instance, various substances like oil can weaken the bond formed by the lash glue. Keep an eye out for ingredients such as PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexylene Glycol, Butylene, and Propylene Glycol.

It’s better to be safe and ensure the longevity of your beautiful extensions by opting for products that won’t conflict with them.

5. Don’t Pull Out Lash Extensions On Your Own:

Eyelash extensions are attached using a strong adhesive, similar to the key ingredient in superglue, known as cyanoacrylate. This makes it risky to try and remove them by yourself. Always seek professional help from your lash technician for safe removal.

For those curious, we have a detailed guide on safely removing eyelash extensions at home. Remember, yanking out your extensions on your own is a big no-no in the world of eyelash care!

6. Caring for Your Lash Extensions in the Shower:

When you’re sprucing up in the shower, be mindful of your eyelash extensions. Avoid letting the shower’s hot or cold water hit your lashes directly with strong force. Why so? High-pressure water can damage the adhesive that keeps your extensions in place, causing them to loosen or fall off. So, cherish your lashes and treat them with gentle care in the shower.

7. Don’t Open Your Eyes During The Treatment:

After your lash specialist puts gel pads below your lower eyelashes, it’s best to keep your eyes shut until they say otherwise. Picture what could happen if you peek mid-application: the adhesive for the lashes may sneak into your eyes, potentially causing them to turn red or even cause a stinging sensation. So, to ensure your eyes stay comfy and healthy, it’s crucial to wait for the go-ahead from your lash specialist before opening your eyes.

8. Don’t wear unshaped eyelashes:

Eyelash extensions can be customized to fit the shape and size of your eyes. Therefore, ensure that you are in the right size and shape of the eyelash extensions. Most professional eyelash artists can perfectly determine the shape and size of the eyelashes for your face. The look with oversized or undersized eyelash extensions is just like that of clothes with the same characteristics.

What Happens When You Don’t Follow the Do’s and Don’ts?

Ignoring the recommended care practices can lead to premature extension shedding or loss, shortening the lifespan of your lash extensions. In some cases, improper care may result in more serious issues, such as natural eyelash damage, irritated and red eyes, inflamed eyelids, or even bacterial eye infections.

How Can A Professional Lash Artist Help Prevent Issues?

A skilled lash artist plays a pivotal role in preventing these issues. They ensure the proper application of the extensions to minimize damage and teach clients the essential do’s and don’ts of lash care. They will guide you on the right cleaning techniques, how to comb your lashes, and what products to avoid, ensuring the longevity and health of your lash extensions. Remember, regular communication with your lash artist is key to maintaining beautiful, healthy extensions.


Embracing the world of eyelash extensions can seamlessly enhance your everyday beauty regimen, offering you an effortless touch of glamour. Undeniably, it does require a consistent care routine.

From conducting diligent research to choosing a certified lash artist, and from adopting gentle cleaning practices to using lash-safe products, every step plays a pivotal role in ensuring their longevity and beauty.

Certain behaviours like rubbing your eyes, using inappropriate eye products, or attempting DIY removal can compromise both your extensions and natural lashes.

Incorporating these guidelines into your routine may require a bit of effort initially, but with time, it becomes second nature. Remember, the key to flaunting stunning, durable lash extensions unfolds through mindful upkeep, always guided by expert advice.

Lily Kungu